The best of all come together to deliver Quality Healthcare Devices at Alfa Corpuscles.

The company core values are focused on innovation, integrity, excellence, patient welfare and people development.

State of the Art Clean room construction from non-particle shedding modular panels with interlocked doors and coved angles ensures air tight rooms, better insulation and ease of maintenance.

The 6,500 square feet manufacturing area has both class 100,000 and class 10,000 clean rooms for dedicated use.

A Unique facility, offering a myriad of processing capabilities including plastic molding, knitting, metal forming, laser cutting, ultrasonic welding, thermoforming and product printing to name a few combined with well trained personnel, ensures consistent quality in manufacturing.

In House EO sterilization with extremely well equipped microbiology lab.

At Alfa Corpuscles quality is paramount. Using the ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System (QMS), every quality aspect is carefully scrutinized.

Alfa Corpuscles manufactures Innovative Laparoscopic Trocars with patented seal mechanism for effortless and uninterrupted surgery.

Mesh in various shapes and sizes are available, laser cut and double wrapped with DuPont Tyvek Paper and Patient Indicators.

Disposable Skin Staplers and removers of the highest quality provide rapid and aesthetic skin closure.

At Alfa Corpuscles innovation is not just a goal; it’s a way of life. We take pride in our in house R&D.